Rock Pigeon/Speckled Pigeon ("Kransduif")

Columba guinea
Rock pigeon Flying rock pigeons Flock of Rock Pigeons Flock of Rock Pigeons

Shell decoys

Rock pigeon decoyThe most popular Rock Pigeon decoy in South Africa. These shell decoys can be set up in quick time on sunflowers, mealies, wheat fields, on the ground, or wherever the need is.
Rock pigeon decoys in sunflowers
Excellent detail, colour and quality. Moulded from high quality ABS materials ensuring long use under rugged conditions. Light weight and stackable, making them easy to store and carry. Packed 12 per box including mounting stakes.
Pigeon shells Fixed wing decoy with shells

Ground Feeding Rock Pigeon

New Rotating wing pigeon decoy Rotating wing pigeon decoy

Flapping Rock Pigeon shell decoy

Rotating wing pigeon decoyThese shell decoys require no power to generate movement, they are wind-driven, all they need is a 5-8 km/h wind to get the wings to move, giving the effect of a flying/flapping pigeon.

Should ideally be mounted on a stake or pole approx 1.2m-1.8m high. (pole not included, but a 400mm high stake is provided)

Rock Pigeon Rotary

Flying pigeon rotaryThe pigeon rotary or "pigeon magnet" is a rotating apparatus that gives birds the impression that the decoys attached to it are flying.  This setup represents the ultimate in pigeon decoying, and is highly effective in attracting birds. Close up of a "flying" pigeon on a rotary  Four flying pigeon decoys rotating is as good as it gets. 

There are two rotation speeds—slower for windy or adverse weather conditions, faster for ideal conditions.  Runs on a 12 volt car/caravan battery (battery not included); low battery usage allows a minimum of up to 8-10 hours operation per day. Folds flat for easy transporting.  Excellent quality.  Ideal for shooting over sunflowers, wheat, barley, mealies, groundnuts or wherever Rockies congregate to feed.
Pigeon rotary animation Pigeon Rotary 4-Bird Pigeon Rotary 3-Bird

6-Bird Pigeon Rotary

New This 6 Bird Pigeon Rotary is the ultimate Rotary for decoying Rock Pigeons. Supplied with six Fixed Wing Flying Pigeons as well as standard two speed control switch, plus a On - Off remote range approx 50 / 60m.
Flying pigeon 3-bird "floater" Flying pigeon 3-bird "floater"

" Switch it on and watch them come "