Egyptian Goose ("Kolgans")

Alopochen aegyptiacus
Egyptian goose in flight Egyptian geese landing on water Flock of Egyptian geese taking off Egyptian goose taking off

Shell decoys

Without doubt the most successful goose decoy in South Africa. These magnum shells are used to decoy "Gypos" everywhere they congregate on land - on planted, ploughed fields, wheat lands, mealie lands, rivers, dams, vleis or feedlots.

The shells are moulded from high quality ABS material, which gives them long life under the most rugged conditions. Excellent three dimensional shape, colour and detail, make them extremely effective. Packed 6 per box, 3 sentries (head up) and 3 feeders (head down) together with mounting stakes. Easy to stack and store, and light enough to carry anywhere.
The shell decoys are available in two sizes:life-sized or magnum-sized.


Standard-sized Egyptian goose shells Standard-sized Egyptian goose shells


The larger magnum shells are more easily spotted by high altitude flying geese; close up, the geese are not concerned by the larger size.
Egyptian Goose Magnum shell decoy Egyptian Goose Magnum shell decoy Egyptian Goose Magnum shell decoy Egyptian Goose Magnum shell decoys


Egyptian Goose fixed wing shell decoy Egyptian Goose Fixed Wing Decoy Egyptian Goose fixed wing shell decoy Fixed-wing Egyptian goose rotary


New New product for the serious wingshooter: Two fixed wing Egyptian Goose decoys on a rotary machine rotating at 20rpm, giving the impression of landing geese. Easy to operate and disassemble for transport, or to store out of season. Ideal for outfitters who need a quick start up. If you have a existing four-arm pigeon rotary it can be used — enquire for cost of two arms and two fixed-wing decoys to do the conversion. There is no better goose decoy in the country, can used in lands, dams, rivers whereever Egyptian Geese congregate.

Floating decoys

Floating decoys are used on dams and waterways to lure Egyptian Geese closer. These are life-sized floating decoys with a weighted keel for outstanding realism and floatation stability. Ideal for decoying on dams, vleis or river locations.

Egyptian goose floating decoyTrue to life colouring and detail and moulded from high quality ABS materials. Packed 6 per box (sinkers not supplied) Lightweight and easy to carry.

May also be used as decorative garden features on ponds or pools.